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Puppies due 18th November 2013

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contact us for more information

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Great Dane Rescue


In honour of June Hayles, a woman of character and compassion, a true DANE ANGEL

God saw you getting tired
And a cure was not to be
So he put his arms around you
And whispered
"Come to me'

Although we love you dearly
We could not make you stay

A golden heart stopped beating
Hard working hands at rest
God broke our hearts to prove to us
He only takes the best


All Great Dane Clubs have a re-homing service, a fee is usually charged and they are not there for the dumping of Danes that are sick or have behavioural problems due to lack of care, and that have no reasonable hope of being placed in a loving home.

Why do dogs come into rescue?

Most dogs come into rescue through no fault of their own. Below are some of the more common reasons dogs come into rescue:

  • Divorce (and the family is no longer able to care for the dog);
  • Children develop allergies to the dog;
  • The owner becomes ill or dies;
  • The owner "can't handle" the dog and is unwilling to take an obedience class;
  • The dog gets too large;
  • The owner wants an outdoor dog and the Dane keeps trying to get inside to be with the family;
  • Financial reverses (and the family can no longer afford to care for the dog);
  • The owner gets married and the new partner doesn't want the dog;
  • Someone new moves into the home (such as an elderly parent) and doesn't want the dog;
  • The family moves (because of job considerations) and cannot take the dog with them.
As this demonstrates, most dogs come into rescue because of "people" problems,
not dog ------- problems!

Many Great Danes are thrown away. People don’t seem to understand that Great Danes are giant, powerful dogs. One of the commonest periods for this breed to be surrendered to a shelter or rescue organization is after they are 9 months old, as people neglect to factor in the potentials of a still rapidly growing 60 Kg dog that, because of his age, still acts like a crazy puppy.

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